Coding is a hobby of mine, but it's also a tool that I use in my research, and in my day-to-day life.

Some of these coding projects are relevant to others, like programs that unlock data stuck in closed ecosystems. Others are academic, like demonstrations of the moving window method for univariate timeseries forecasting. And others are only of interest to me or the people who have commissioned me to make them, like systems that send SMS appointment reminders based on a users Google Calendar events.

Here are a few of my open source projects; those that may be interesting or valuable for others.

Huawei TCX Converter

Users of Huawei fitness trackers are unable to access the raw data from their exercises. This program provides a way to get standard .tcx files out of the Huawei Health app.


Lander is an educational astrophysics game in which players try to land a robotic craft on the surface of a variety of planets, with somewhat realistic physics and planet characteristics.

MCRA CRoW Features

The British Caving Association is lobbying government to give cavers access to caves that are on open access CRoW land. This is a geospatial dataset of such caves on The Mendip Hills.


This is an implementation of the simple backtracking algorithm for solving Sudoku puzzles. It is designed to illustrate how the algorithm works, and highlight some key flaws.

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